Website Maintenance

Business Web Site Maintenance Program

When choosing a company to design your web site it is important to keep in mind that things change and just like any other part of your business, it will require maintenance and or updating. This is a fact that is sometimes overlooked. You’re going to need a reliable business web site maintenance program to keep your site up to date and functioning properly.

One of the services we provide is ongoing maintenance designed for businesses. You probably have enough to do during your busy day without having to figure out how to update your web site. We are also aware of how frustrating it can sometimes be when you need a picture removed or changed or your database updated to include new products and you have to wait three weeks for it to be done or believe it or not, sometimes longer! We understand and we would like you to know that we operate a little differently here at Success Makers.

Most simple changes and/or updates can be made the same day but of course, the more complex and/or larger content jobs will take longer. However, we schedule all of our work and can fairly accurately predict when it will be done. We’ll give you a completion date so that you’ll know when to expect your changes to be up on the web.

We have several clients for whom we update monthly newsletters or product databases and our fees are very reasonable. We will either work out an hourly rate or if we know for certain that the amount and complexity of the updates won’t vary we can work out a set monthly fee.

If you feel that your maintenance needs would be such that you’d require immediate updates on a daily basis, we do have the ability to set pages to be updated by the client. There are onetime fees connected with this as well as a licensing fee for the software we use. Beyond that, there are no ongoing fees once the pages are set up. They are very easy to maintain and require no special knowledge of page design. This may be an option for you to consider. Please feel free to contact us to discuss which option would work best for you.