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Social Media Online Branding & Marketing

Social media is fast becoming an essential part part the marketing mix for brands. Companies are increasingly using social tools to monitor conversations about their products, competitors, and industry, and engaging with their customers to build strong relationships. According Forrester Research’s most recent Interactive Marketing Forecast, social media marketing will grow at an annual rate of 34% -– faster than any other form of online marketing and double the average growth rate of 17% for all online mediums.

While Facebook is primarily known as a way to stay connected with friends and play games, it can also be used as an effective business tool for companies. With a variety of features and applications, Facebook allows companies to directly interact with their target audience to increase brand awareness, conduct research and promote a product or service. However, the simple act of creating a Facebook Page for your company will not generate results. It is important for company pages to be appealing and engaging.

That’s where Success Makers Social Media Marketing and Online Branding service can help your business. We help you:

  • Populate your company page with a constant flow of industry news as well as news from the company.
  • Upload videos and photos of your company’s products, people and activities.
  • Create invites and post information for events that the company is organizing or participating in, such as webinars, conferences, tradeshows or speaking engagements.
  • Conduct a contest or giveaway that only friends/fans can enter to win – encouraging them to invite friends or spread the word about your Facebook presence.
  • Develop a Facebook Landing Page that is targeted specifically at your ideal customer/client profile.