Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Pay Per Click marketing uses paid advertising through search engine sites to target your ads to likely internet customers. When someone searches online for your product or service, your advertisement comes up on the results page. This type of advertising can be extremely profitable, because your ad goes directly to the narrow audience of people that already want to buy your product. When a customer clicks on your ad, the advertising company deducts a payment from your pay per click account. You pay every time someone clicks your ad.

This all seems logical, and may look like a good idea whose time has come. Many retail companies find this method of using pay per click is very profitable.

You MUST know the rules if you want to survive in Pay Per Click marketing:

  • Use Correct Keywords
  • Limit Your Account
  • Monitor Results
  • Assure Your Return On Investment

Use Correct Keywords

The keyword selection for your pay per click ad is vitally important. Customers for your product go to the search engine and enter a search phrase keyword they think will lead them to your product. But what if your keyword, the one you thought is the perfect keyword, is worlds apart from what most customers use for a keyword? These customers go to your competitor’s search page, and click your competitor’s ad. No sales for you, but look on the bright side: at least you are not charged the click fee!

But it could get worse. There are other customers out there who are really looking for a completely different product, and they think your perfect keyword will find that other product. They even click on your ad, and then finally realize this is not the product they wanted. Click! There goes your money, with no profit or pay!

The advertising companies are quite happy to charge you high fees for keywords that:

  • do not have the slightest association to your product and
  • do not have the slightest chance of earning you a profit.

They don’t care if you go bankrupt, click by click.

But WE do care!

We use proprietary research software, developed strictly for various search engines, that identifies the keywords people most frequently use to find products like yours. We run the numbers on many, many keywords for your product and determine which keywords will bring the most sales. Not the most clicks – the most sales!

Keywords From Customers

If you are like most of our clients, you have several keywords you are certain are moneymakers. But in nine out of ten cases, our research finds far more profitable ones. Our clients are often just too close to their products and their markets, and they know these areas too well. They cannot think like a raw customer any more, so they cannot think of keywords a raw customer might use. We bring you a fresh perspective and our proprietary research tools, and examine the many ways your raw customer might search for your product. By using real-world customer statistics, we determine the optimum keywords.

Cheaper and Better Keywords

The pay per click advertising company charges fees as high as the market will allow. The keywords in highest demand have the highest per-click fees. The clients are willing to pay the high prices because they are led to believe the expensive keywords are the only ones that can bring sales.

We uncover the cheaper keywords, the ones no one else would think of, and these cheaper keywords will bring in far more sales per advertising dollar than the most expensive keywords.

Limit Your Account

The Pay to advertise company requires you to place money into an account with them and each time a potential customer clicks on your ad, the fee is deducted from your account. Usually they simply charge their fees to your company credit card. “For your convenience,” they say. WE say:

NEVER, NEVER, do Pay Per Click marketing on an unlimited credit card account!!

Those clicks can arrive fast enough to bankrupt a large company in hours, or a small company in minutes! If you have chosen an inappropriate keyword, it might be as few as one customer in a thousand buying your product. Yet all those thousands of clicks are reducing your account at an astonishing rate, and piling up a huge credit card bill the you will have to pay!

When Pay Per Click marketing is done correctly and safely, it can produce excellent profits. Used incorrectly, it can wipe you out. Please, do not get your Pay Per Click education the hard way!

We will represent you to the advertising companies and administer your limited, protected, carefully-monitored account.

Test First, Test Often

The biggest mistake you can make is to jump into Pay Per Click marketing and try to “learn as you go.” We already have the experience you need to keep your company out of trouble and in the profits. We always run tests on keywords, using a small, carefully protected account. During this test phase, we optimize keywords and design your ad for maximum clicks and maximum sales. When we find the best overall combination that gives maximum sales for your advertising dollar, then you can safely increase your advertising budget and open up your sales campaign. The testing phase also gives time for developing your Web site and your delivery channels to accommodate increased sales.

We continue to monitor your results, test for improved keywords, and increase your Return On Investment.

Monitor Results

The better Pay Per Click advertising companies, like Google AdWord and Overture have an administration Web page that reports your ad results. Here you can see how well your keywords are performing and how well your ads and Web site are making sales. Because of the huge size of the Internet market, Pay Per Click advertising can bring sudden, enormous changes. You must monitor this page frequently to see if your ads are working or if your credit card bill is skyrocketing. You must be able to tell whether you are wasting money or making profits. Checking the reports is important, but it takes your time and attention away from your business.

We take care of monitoring your reports, and we have the experience to spot problems and opportunities as soon as they occur.

Assure Your Return On Investment

Return On Investment (ROI) is basically dollars received per dollars spent. You need to have a reasonable idea of how much your advertising dollar will return to you in sales profit. For example, if you are selling a jewelry bracelet at $10.00, and your Pay Per Click advertising fee works out to $5.00 per bracelet, you are probably losing money. This is what happens to most small businesses when they jump into Pay Per Click marketing.

In the case of the $10.00 jewelry bracelet, we would do these actions for you:

  1. Research and test keywords to decrease the click fees while also increasing the clicks
  2. Develop and test the ad to increase the sales per click
  3. Monitor the reports page to see results of tests
  4. If necessary, develop and test your Web site to increase the sales per click

We Are Your Representative

We represent you to the Pay Per Click advertising company. Our own search engine experts precisely evaluate the key word phrases for your products and choose an optimum mix of several key words and prices, assuring that you get the most return for your advertising budget. We monitor the online administration area where the advertising company keeps your records and results. We constantly optimize your advertising campaign, and handle the day-to-day operations. We design the most effective ad for your product or service. Once a month, we present you with a progress report and recommendations for maximizing profits.

Don’t let the Pay Per Click advertising companies squander your budget with little return!
Put Success Makers experts on your side, and start winning!