Pinterest Marketing

How does your company utilize Pinterest to reach a broader audience, as well as drive them to your website and company? The key is to expand what your brand is, think visually and to develop a curating mindset.

Pinterest possesses a great response power when it comes to generating traffic that will take action with your brand. This is why Success Makers recommends that any local or small business owner to start building their authority on Pinterest, as this social media channel can begin generating responsive traffic to your website.

Don’t simply use Pinterest to promote your business. Use it to share interesting pins. For example, if your business is a jewelry store that primarily sells engagement rings, maybe you could have a wedding category where you post fun wedding ideas. If you are posting interesting content that people want to see, this will help to create brand recognition and brand loyalty simply because your brand will be attached to interesting images.

Up to 80% of all pins on Pinterest are re-pins so it’s important to have consistent original content that people will want to share. This is the best way to promote your business and get your brand name out there.

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