Inbound Marketing

Off-site SEO and social media are becoming more and more hand-in glove with each other. With over 800 million active users on Facebook and 100 million monthly active users on Twitter, there’s an enormous opportunity to interact with potential customers. Websites such as Digg and Delicious can be a huge driving force to interesting content that one may write about. A viral video or website can get a jump in traffic that no amount of traditional SEO could ever produce. There’s also data that seems to indicate that search engines give more credence to websites that get social media attention or “buzz”.

It’s clear why it would be important to not only focus on traditional SEO, but work the social media aspect as well. A lot of traffic could be missed out on if not.

Content Marketing & The Role of Social Media

We all know of the rapid explosion of social media, but how does social media fit in within a content marketing strategy? What if you have interest in your content reaching a broader audience? How can you help give your content more visibility or get content picked up through more popular publications and outlets?

Social media provides your brand communication channels as an effective and affordable way to build up relationships. While conferences and events are also great way to build these important relationships, social media can be your advantage when leveraged correctly and strategically.

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